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So far so good

30 Jan 2009 - MJ of VA, USA writes:

I received my chair earlier in the week and it looks good so far. I set it up and I didn't have any problems with unfolding and refolding the chair. It stores away nicely in a corner in my room. I tried the 20 minute workout and I can feel the resistance! I haven't been on it faithfully this week, but hope to start today and keep it going. Will come back and review results.

Review Quality: Helpful  (9 votes) | Unhelpful  (13 votes)

Malibu Pilates Chair

19 Jan 2009 - Liana of WA, United States writes:

The chair is all that it is cracked up to be. It is heavy to tote around, but I figure that is a good thing, one more piece to the workout! I would like to inform you all that you can get it much cheaper on []. I got the entire package deal they sell on tv for $137.00!! I love it and have been working out daily. I especially like how it works my core and arms. But do go to []'ll be glad you did.

Review Quality: Helpful  (71 votes) | Unhelpful  (11 votes)

Good Workout

19 Nov 2008 - Donna of CA, USA writes:

I just received this product and just went over the basics and 20 minute workout, I could feel my core already working. the only thing I found, maybe because my machine is new but it was very difficult to do the swan pull downs, very hard to push the pedal down. In the dvd they showed it like it was no problem. I'm hoping as I continue to use it, it will get easier. If anyone has a similar problem i would love to hear about it.

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Great Chair Workout

18 Oct 2008 - MaryLou of Virginia, US writes:

I used to have private pilates training and my most challenging moment was a lift on the chair. Due to changes in circumstance, I had to stop my private lessons, but I kept my eye out for something I could use at home and was excited to have found this. I have been using it for a month and really enjoy it and can feel and see the difference it is making to my body. Pros: Compact piece of equipment, good exercise DVDs, solid workouts. Cons: There a some exercises that are just too hard to do as a beginner and not enough modification is provided. The bar really hurt my feet when I first used it, but less so now.

Review Quality: Helpful  (25 votes) | Unhelpful  (7 votes)

Finally A Product That Works!

23 Sep 2008 - Lisa of Ohio, USA writes:

My daughter and I saw the infomercial and decided to split the cost of the chair. Very glad we decided to try it! It's sturdy so the over-the-chair exercises can be done without fear of collapse. I will say that it's harder to fold than shown on TV and I opt to keep mine open. The DVDs are easy to follow but certainly challenging if you're just beginning. I've been doing the second DVD at least 3 times a week for the past couple of months and there are nice changes happening! My husband says I'm much more toned. Certainly I'm much stronger than before. You won't get quick weight loss (although pounds will come off) but it does give you a good workout without hurting yourself. I'm now strong enough to expand my workout routines to pilates mat exercises. Never could do that in the past. VERY pleased with my purchase.

Review Quality: Helpful  (26 votes) | Unhelpful  (10 votes)

malibu pilates review

10 Aug 2008 - sarah of london, uk writes:

I received my malibu chair within 5 days to the uk. Heavier than expected but easy enough to carry. On the first day I tried the 20, 30 and 45 minute workouts. All very good. on each dvd there is an option to watch the basic fundamentals that will be used on the dvd to familiarise yourself. Some moves more challenging others but there is a demonstration on all excersises on how to make it easier. Since then I have just stuck to the 45 min workout and have done this 3 times and I can feel that my muscles have been worked throughout the rest of the day. 20 minute workout dvd is great for beginners wating to take it easy. Also, if there is not enough cardio for you, you can always add in some more of the cardio blasts that are shown in the dvd inbetween other excersises or at the end. I hav also written each excersise down so that I do not have to watch the dvd every day. It is sometimes frustrating when the demonstrator is going over things that you have heard 100 times already whilst you are stading waiting for the next excersise. (I managed to easiy write them all down while she was talking about what the next excersise will be but you could always pause it). Although some have complained about quality of the vinyl, who cares about the foot pad's vinyl that you don't even need. It is great in quality where it matters ie sturdiness, dvds, poster showing excersises, size of the machine (not to big for the lounge or too small to fit your behind on comfortably). Set backs include that when the handle is put in a single handle mode, the pole that slides through the two small handles to make it a single long pedal does rattle which may come back to question quality but it still works just fine and is defintely not enough to put you off. The only other set back is that if you plan to use it as a mobile machine and take it with you on travels, it is too heavy and big for a suitcase and would cost alot to fly it anywhere but would be fine to put in a car. All in all although it is early days for me, I really do like this machine and its workouts.

Review Quality: Helpful  (40 votes) | Unhelpful  (10 votes)

Chair pilates

25 Jul 2008 - Linda of CA, USA writes:

I purchased the Malibu Pilates chair because of the combination of cardio and toning. I am a 58 year old RN and stated to do Pilates about 8 years ago to rehabilitate my back after a work injury. Doing an intermediate flex band video I have is no longer a challange and cardio is my weak area as I cannot run or do exercises with any impact. The chair is well made and the DVDs are excellent. After doing the basic workout one time my posture improved. If the chair is too hard, you can always do lower gradient Pilates until you are ready for the resistance. I have better abs now by far than at the peak of my youth since doing Pilates. The chair is a great addition to my execise routine.

Review Quality: Helpful  (37 votes) | Unhelpful  (6 votes)

Works Great!

23 Jul 2008 - Vin of Florida, USA writes:

My mom loves this but just hurt her back and wants to sell hers. It is brand new and hardly used. []

Review Quality: Helpful  (23 votes) | Unhelpful  (42 votes)

Love this Machine

14 Jun 2008 - Lois of NC, USA writes:

Received this machine around the first of May 2008. I have bought many pieces of equipment but truly like this one the best. I'm on my second dvd and it gives you a great workout all over which I couldn't get with any other. I think that you only get what you put into something. I think the problem with most people is that they don't really put a whole lot of effort and they want an overnite result. I noticed results within the first two weeks and I find that the more results I see the more I want to continue to use this machine. I hoping for more dvd's to add to this collection. I am wondering though that if at some time in the future will the springs have to be replaced and the side bars on mine do not seem to hang out over the sides as shown on the TV. It would help for support when doing those ab workouts. All in all I really like the chair.

Review Quality: Helpful  (30 votes) | Unhelpful  (12 votes)

I Just LUV the Malibu Pilates Chair!!

12 May 2008 - Sherri of Virginia, USA writes:

I have been using the Malibu Pilates Chair (MPC) since May 5,2008 and it gives me a very good work out that I can do in the privacy of my home. I have not exercised for 5 years due to recovering from a critical auto accident and I have limited flexibility in one of my legs and foot. When I saw the infomercial for the MPC, I was hoping I could do the exercises even with my limitations since a lot of the exercises are performed while sitting on the chair. I have found that I can do all the exercises on and off of the MPC without any problem, I am just THRILLED. The chair is easily assembled and quite sturdy. The seat is comfortable and nicely cushioned. I have only done the 20 Minute Workout and I find it easy to follow, but challenging. After only one week, I have already noticed that my arm, abdominal and leg muscles are stronger, and less flabby. I just LUV the MPC and look forward to my next workout!!!!

Review Quality: Helpful  (58 votes) | Unhelpful  (17 votes)

Malibu Pilates chair

5 May 2008 - Deb of ma, usa writes:

The side barsdo come tucked under the chair just attach . I have used mine for 2 weeks andtried all 3 dvds I like it but need to build up to the heavy spring

Review Quality: Helpful  (19 votes) | Unhelpful  (18 votes)

Malibu Pilates - Nice Equipment

5 May 2008 - Cari of Indiana, USA writes:

I love this machine. I live in a rural area so trips to the gym are not in my itinerary. I like to work out at home and this machine is truly worth the money. My husband said from the commercials he would not have thought it was worth the money but now that he has seen it, says he would pay $500 for it. It comes almost completely assembled, and is very sturdy and stable. It does weigh 40 pounds, but if you can't scoot 40 pounds across the floor you probably shouldn't be using the machine. The weight makes it stable when you are using it for balance and putting your whole weight on the chair. You don't really need to move the chair around during the workout - you can just pause the dvd, do the move that was just demonstrated, and then push 'play' again. Easy to follow and to modify. Some days I do the 20-minute workout, just using the dvd to cue me - during pauses I just do more reps of the moves. It really does give you a full body workout - I was afraid it would focus mostly on lower body but that is not the case. I would fully recommend this machine to anyone who has $350 to invest in a serious piece for their home gym.

Review Quality: Helpful  (48 votes) | Unhelpful  (13 votes)

the chair

13 Mar 2008 - Tara of Wisconsin, USA writes:

I had watched the commercial for awhile and have used one of the wooden ones and own one as well. so i was looking for something I could move around to do alot of the stuff. and this looked like something that would work. Because if you own one of the others one's you know how unless you have lots of space you have to move them to do different exercises. so those complaining about that maybe they should just join a gym instead. Sometimes people complain oh it's this and that. when in fact it's a cheapier model but that doesn't mean it can't work or last for awhile. til you get bored or they update with better features so you can get a new model. Besides most people don't even stay with many things long they get bored because they have not gotten the quick fix. when in fact it takes weeks to get in shape. and if you don't work at it it leaves. but you have to remember when you exercise all the benefits go to you. They can't be sold or bought unless you are into getting cut up or having fat sucked out. But if your old habits are still there you are gone to end up in the same boat. And I thought the chair worked good and is very sturdy for a home product. And it's still easy to move and store so you can do other stuff on other days. So if people give it a chance they might find out it has exercises that will work.

Review Quality: Helpful  (24 votes) | Unhelpful  (113 votes)

May Return It

9 Mar 2008 - Donna of Kentucky, USA writes:

The Malibu Pilates chair was easy enough to set up, but at one of the joints I noticed a bit of soft putty that did not get covered by whatever the coating is. Does that mean that the joint's integrity is altered? The brief 6-month warranty on it starts at the purchase date...why? I think, perhaps, that the Malibu Pilates chair may not be quality made. The vinyl covering on seat seems thin. Why not use a sturdier vinyl on the seat and floor mat? The handlebars they included to place on the sides of the seat have only one latch button, therefore the bars jiggle easily--why didn't they use 2 latch buttons per side to make it sturdy? Using the machine: the instructor is good, but in order to keep her in view on the TV I have to keep stopping the DVD and turning the machine around for that particular exercise. That's a bother! There are some exercises that I feel my legs are just a tad too short to perform them satisfactorily. Bottom line: For the $300+ expenditure, I am leary about the quality of the machine, especially coupled with their unimpressive warranty. I am strongly leaning toward returning it within the "30-day" trial period.

Review Quality: Helpful  (99 votes) | Unhelpful  (27 votes)

It's a good low coast Pilates machine alternative

8 Feb 2008 - Tony of Texas, USA writes:

This is a good machine easily assembled. In fact other than the side handholds which snap in it simply folds out. And you only need the handholds if you are broad shouldered (it's the usual configuration for men) so being 6"4'I needed the addition. It works and thatt's not surprising since it is a metal version of Joseph Pilates Wunda Chair from the early 20th century but it does have a split foothold conversion that is unique. A special warning this workout is not easy and even when you watch the DVD you will think it's a "walk in the park". If you use it you will get a good Pilates workout. It's great if like me you've done the floor workout and want an economical way to add one of the traditional Pilates props.

Review Quality: Helpful  (89 votes) | Unhelpful  (22 votes)


5 Feb 2008 - Daro of New Jersey, USA writes:

Received product earlier than the expected 4-6 weeks. If you do not have upper body strength, I do not recommend, unless you get the side bars (and how you get those is a wonder to me).

Review Quality: Helpful  (77 votes) | Unhelpful  (83 votes)

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