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Good Features

25 Jul 2008 - Susan of KY, US writes:

Don't plan on the fluidity bar being easy if you are packing on a few extra pounds. Those pull ups that look so easy wouldn't be if those demonstrating had a 40 pounds knapsack on their back. That being said, if you follow the beginner routine, it can give you a nice workout unique to this product. There are some exercises those who aren't in good shape/flexible simply won't be able to do for some time. The biggest bonus is that there is a combination of strength training, core training, and cardio. Even better yet is the stretches that make you feel taller and leaner. The tapes move a bit quickly and for those of us who are beginners you have to wait till the camera pans to that person; there are also ballet terms that one may be unfamiliar with. Overall though, a good product, worth the price.

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GREAT product!!

19 Jul 2008 - MaryLynn of South Carolina, United States writes:

I've had the fluidity bar for about 2 weeks now and I must admit that it definitely works! I am 47 years and took ballet for 20 years when I was younger. I was in the best shape of my life, so naturally when I saw the infomercial for the fluidity bar I was instantly intersted. I ordered it and starting using it within a half and hour. it comes assembled so there is no need to stress over putting it together. The hardest part was getting it out of the box. I started with the beginner cd because it has been a while since I took ballet. I found this cd a little too easy so I bumped up to intermediate. That is where I am right now. Though the routines are the same on all 3 cd's, the reps do increase so it is more difficult. I definitely felt the workout in buttocks ouch! It was good pain so I knew it was working. I haven't noticed an obvious difference in my overall appearance yet, but I will tell you that I am much more limber and flexible, the stretching feels wonderful! I am excited to start seeing results and will post another review once that happens! I recommend this bar to everyone! It really makes my muscles feel like they've had a great workout! Isn't that what it's all about?? Good Luck All ~

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16 Jul 2008 - Melinda of Fresno CA, USA writes:

I love the bar and the workout since i been using the advanced worked out i've lost inches off all over especially my thighs!! my back has never looked better!!! Love it only 2-3x a week and i just keep looking better and better!! whoever says negative about this product is just plain lazy.

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Jury still out

8 Jul 2008 - GG of MA, USA writes:

I like the workouts but am very disappointed that there are not more different moves between the intermediate and advanced dvds. Especially the arm moves-they are all the same except the advanced has more reps. I can see getting bored with this, there is not enough variation between workouts.

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Buyer beware

7 Jul 2008 - Saundra of Oh, USA writes:

Got the bar gave it a try. it was a bit bulky. the return shipping is out of this world, so you are forced to keepit . Buyer beware, you can't afford to retuen it.

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It works!

21 Jun 2008 - Chris of California, USA writes:

I have never posted to this site before; however, I have tried many of the products reviewed here with varying results. I have to say that Fluidity is a fantastic product that works. The actual bar is well designed and constructed. The production values of the DVDs are great. Nevertheless, the thing that stands out for me the most is the efficacy of the workouts. I have been doing the beginner (that's right, beginner!) workout for less than a month and have lost 7 pounds and over an inch around my midsection-my biggest problem area. I have been using the product three times per week and, of course, I have changed my lifestyle to include better eating habits. The workouts are fun and doing them, while challenging, and I look forward to working out. While the price is somewhat on the high end when compared to other products sold through informecials, the quality plus the results you get from the program are well worth it (and much less than if you joined a gym). I cannot say enough great things about Fluidity!

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Amazing Product!

12 Jun 2008 - Jan of NY, USA writes:

I had seen the infomercial several times and finally decided to order. I had studied ballet before, and figured this may be a workout I might actually enjoy doing. I ordered online, so I was aware of all the charges before I ordered. The bar is a very solid, very well made piece of equipment. The DVD's are easy to follow, but it does take some practice to get the positions correct. Michelle is very good at redirecting, so it just takes some practice. My intermediate DVD was defective, but was immediately replaced after I called customer service!! No problem there. I can't believe the results I'm seeing in the two months I've had this!! The workout targets specific areas, but the whole body is working at the same time. The movements are small but intense, and you can really feel your muscles working. One of the best features is that you can intensify the workout (even the advanced!) but changing your position! I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a total body workout that focuses on overall toning and strenthening.My only hope is that Michelle will continue to add additional DVD's to vary the workout!!

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A definite yes

11 Jun 2008 - hilda of ri, usa writes:

I checked on the reviews for this product before I purchased it in January, 2008. I was able to get a great deal with a local pick up from ebay, and was excited to start working out. As a runner for the past 10 years, I needed more of a strength training workout, and I had no idea the muscles that were not being worked. This program not only trimmed my legs and lifted my rear, it also made my cellulite disappear. I am also so much more flexible and stronger. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking to really lenghten and define their legs, particularly thighs and hips. I find the arm section unchallenging but effective, and the abs/back are challenging for me, but working! It really only took me <4 weeks to see results, and by 8 weeks it was as if i had a new set of legs! I did light cardio (walking, elliptical) on the days i did not do the fluidity, but ate normally and it really melted off. This is a great product, and a great website for really allowing me to know the pros and cons of this item before i purchased it. Thank you for all who contributed!

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Excellent Investment

10 Jun 2008 - Amy of PA, USA writes:

This program has been the best exercise investment I've made to date and I've been an avid home exerciser for eighteen years. I've been doing Fluidity since February 07 and the results are longer, leaner muscles without the bulk. It's always important to rotate workouts to provide the "muscle confusion" that produces consistent results, which is why I use all the Fluidity workouts and alternate with Bar Method and Squeeze. This is the only style workout I never get tired of. It's enjoyable and the flexibility training is extremely beneficial. It is difficult and challenging and there is always the ability to increase the intensity by adjusting your position or making the movements smaller and more controlled. Love this product! Michelle's knowledge is quite apparent and very helpful. I don't recall an overpowering odor with my equipment as mentioned in other reviews, but I purchased mine last year...

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It Works! Look at me now!

9 Jun 2008 - Linda of ca, usa writes:

I purchased my Fluidity program in December 2007, but didn't really get to use it until 5 weeks ago. I don't know what I was thinking that I wasn't working out...oh, I was lazy, that's rights. Fast forward to May 2008 and I've been working my Fluidity bar for 5 weeks and just yesterday, one of the parents at a youth sports barbeque to me I looked fantastic. She started with my face, arms, and especially my hips. She told me I looked like I'd lost about 6" on each side! OMG! I was wearing a size 10, but now I'm back wearing my size 8's! I workout out 3x a week and I've introduced the Seat & Thigh (or Seat & Buns) workout right after the Advanced session. I can almost lift my legs in the "flatback" segment. I love my Fluidity bar. If we could post pics, I'd be the first one up. My body never looked so you (good slogan) with just working out. Can hardly wait to see what I'm going to look like 2 months from now!

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It Works Better Than You Might Think

9 Jun 2008 - Beverly of Il, usa writes:

I saw the infomercial and it looked easy enough. Then I bought the bar. Ate a sandwich and watched the video. When I did the first work out, was amazed at how quickly every muscled was targeted. I don't have a lot time to excersise, so 25 or 30 minutes to have a productive excersise routine is great! People notice the body change and especially my arms don't jiggle when I shake some one's hand. My clothes fit well and I lost 6 lbs and didn't know it! Busy? Definetly recommend. It's true tho. There is no customer service. I just figured that I bought it. Good thing I love it.

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This works!

4 Jun 2008 - Dana of WA, USA writes:

I was a bit hesitant to spend the money on this but was hoping the buyers remorse would move me to use it more, it has! It's rather large and takes up a bit of space but is a daily reminder of my duty! I trained in ballet when I was younger for years and I am still nursing a broken leg from martial arts and wanted something that I wouldn't have to bounce around like tybo or a cardio workout. I missed the long muscles from ballet and was tired of the thick bulky muscles from martial arts, this is the perfect solution! I have used it regularly for about two weeks and already see real results, not only can I see muscle definition but my clothes already fit better. I also purchased the supplements with the bar. I researched the ingredients and they are quite helpful. I have the worst sweet tooth and the chromium really takes the craving away! I do think it's overpriced but well worth the money!

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Great Workout

1 Jun 2008 - R of CA, USA writes:

I am definitely surprised at how much this workout BURNED my muscles! I alternate exercising by running, playing tennis, doing tae-bo, pilates and this by far is one of the hardest workouts. I am hooked & this will replace something! The moves are subtle and easy on the joints but are so good that you burn right away. I've had the bar for 2 days and already feel my arms and legs toning up. I'm looking forward to seeing results after a month or so. So now for the negatives. The ball smells and feels greasy so I actually washed it - still smells! I'm sure it will go away eventually but I store it in my garage. Lastly, I'm 5'7" so the mat is short for me during the leg extensions but I just step off and it's no big deal. You'll see Michelle does that in the video as well. The difference in mat thickness doesn't really bother me it just makes me stick to keeping my feet in the same section. Lastly, Michelle speaks a bit quietly and breathy for my taste and doesn't try and pump you up during the workout so I have to count out loud to get through the hard ones. Overall, I love the workout and the bar is a keeper!

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I really love it!

1 Jun 2008 - Robin of Chicago, IL, USA writes:

I've only done the workout 3 - 4 times over the last week but I already see a difference in definition in my arms and in my quadracept muscles. I lost a lot of flexibility and tone when I was pregnant and I think this combined with walking/aerobics should do the trick. This is a very challenging workout. The bar is very heavy but folds away nicely and is easily balanced so you can roll it under a bed or into a closet. I didn't find the DVD's hard to follow but I would recommend you watch the DVDs first so you can acclimate yourself to the flow of the routine. Overall well worth the money and you can find the entire package advertised in the infomercial on eBay for about $100 less than what you'd pay retail (including shipping).

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1 Jun 2008 - Tywana of Camp Springs, MD, USA writes:

I caught the infomerical one morning on my way to work. I wrote the number and website down, planning to research the item before buying. I found one for about $150.00. It arrived at my house a week after I ordered. The package arrived free of damage. There was no unpleasent smell. I took it out of the box and it was really easy to set up after reading the owner's manual. At first the workout appeared to be light and refreshing, then I noticed I started sweating. I ended up streching parts I didn't remember I had (smile). It was a wonderful workout. I'm a cheer coach and don't need to lose weight, I just want more flexiblity and to tone up what I have. I'll keep everyone posted. I'm really glad I invested in this product.

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Fluidity Bar Workout

31 May 2008 - Regina of NJ, USA writes:

I got my Fluidity Bar last week. Yes, it smelled like an oil refinery. Anyway, I like the workout and the diet plan is really smart. I will continue with this workout, I really enjoy it!

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The smell is overwhelming

31 May 2008 - Cheryl of NJ, USA writes:

I got the fluidity bar in the mail yesterday. The box was badly damaged all over leaving 2 ends and one side of the unit was entirely exposed with the thin plastic wrap as their only protection. I have never recieved a package in this condition. Fortunately, it does not appear damaged, BUT there is an umbearable chemical type smell comming off the mat. I put it all outside to "air out" and then wiped it w/ soap and water, but the smell remains. It is to the point that I can't be near it w/out getting a sore throat and watery eyes. If it is inside, within minutes, the smell penetrates all the rooms in my 2,000 sq ft home even with a few windows open. ULK. The unit looks good and I'd love to try it, but unless I get a gas mask, I need to get rid of that smell!! Unfortunately the mat is permanently attached so I don't know if there will be a solution short of returning the entire thing and what am I supposed to do for a box???? It is way bigger than I thought.

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Like it

27 May 2008 - Judy of Andover, MA writes:

I spent many months researching this product, reading many reviews before buying it. I finally decided to just do it. (Yes it did arrive in a damaged box with a strong odor, like many other people). I do like the workout. I am surprised to say I don't really care for Michelle Austin. I will say her cuing is clear and concise, that is not it. I just find that she repeats certain terms over and over (for example--"pubis bone forward", "navel to the spine", etc). I know she is trying to give good clear instructions but it is distracting. I do like the workout, though. I will stick with it and also use the bar with Lotte Berke videos and Bar Method Body with Burr Leonard. I will update in a few months to see if there are any significant changes to report! Good Luck!

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Good but overpowering odor

19 May 2008 - Anne of NC, USA writes:

I received the bar and unpacked it waiting until I had time to do the workout. I placed it unopened in my bedroom - the odor coming from the unit was horrible. I set it outside opened up for a few days and the odor is just as strong. I might return it just for that reason since I don't think it will fare well outside all the time.

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i'm excited

17 May 2008 - Shannon of fl, US A of course writes:

I just decided to get the Fluidity bar from someone who no longer uses it. I saw the infomercial when I was up late one night. I recently had a baby about 5 months ago. I worked full time before I had her so I got to do a lot of walking around. Now that I had her and stay at home with her I am not quite in shape like I used to be. I have that left over pregnancy weight and my thighs have gotten a little larger than I would like. I wore a size 3 before I had her now I'm in a size 5/6. I am hoping this will give me the toning I want. I don't need to lose trememdous weight but I just want to tone certain areas like the thighs, tummy love handles and butt. I get it tomorrow on the 18th.. my daughter's 5 month birthday. I am hoping that in 2-3 months time I will be back to where I was. I want my husband to be impressed with my body again. I will Definately post an update after a month.

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