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A (mostly) good start

27 Sep 2007 - Mim of California, USA writes:

I got the Fluidity Bar a few weeks ago and have been using it at least three times a week for the past two weeks. I assemble it every time and it is not difficult to do. I feel my muscles working in unison during the workout, which makes me feel more balanced and flexible when compared to regular strength training. Most of the workout is very manageable, but I'm already hoping there will be more DVDs in the future to mix it up. I have always wanted my own ballet bar and that's why I bought this, I didn't think it was a gimmick but just an exercise routine I would enjoy, and I am so far. My big criticism is that some of the rubber "feet" have fallen right off the bar already. Will have to call and complain, but the rest of the construction seems sturdy and I like it so far.

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25 Sep 2007 - Tracy of Texas, USA writes:

I just finished my first workout and I have to say, it was no joke! I thought I could handle following the intermediate part of the beginning video, but I was so wrong. After having two babies within three years I've tried quite a few different workout routines. Hopefully this won't be another failed attempt to get back into shape. I'll check in a month from now and share my results.

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23 Sep 2007 - Karen of Massachusetts, USA writes:

I bought the fluidity bar. The various DVDs are too repetetive and don't add much variety as you get more advanced. The bar and mat slide around on my wood floors so perhaps it works better on a carpet. Many of the exercises you could do without a bar so I wonder if there is any value to this product. I've only done 4 workouts and do feel it working the muscles in my butt but I am skeptical that I will get the long lean dancers body physique. Will check back after more workouts.

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Love This Workout!

22 Sep 2007 - Terri of Vermont, USA writes:

This is a very high quality product with a great workout to go along with it. I felt better, taller, tighter and more flexible after the first few workouts. And I feel great throughout the day. The bar its self is very sturdy and easy to set up and take down. The workouts are challenging and work every part of your body. I rate it Five Stars and recommend it to all my friends.

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14 Sep 2007 - Sue of Virginia, USA writes:

Bought this product after I had my second baby and when I was starting to workout. 6 months later I love it!! I only did Pilates for 6 months prior buying fluidity, of course i do 20 minutes cardio before any excercise, and the results are amazing. Leaned defined muscles. Before I didn't notice any muscles in my entire body , but now, such a difference, and everybody around you will notice!!

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2+ months later

11 Sep 2007 - Paige of California, USA writes:

UPDATE: It's been about 2 1/2 months since I got my Fluidity. I've posted 2 previous reviews & I can't believe so many of you think they're fake! Oh well. I'm still using it about 2 times a week and I'm loving the results. I'm now using the advanced DVD, but still unable to do some of the moves like flat back. I constantly get comments about how toned my arms are and when I look at pictures of myself I can't believe the difference. My husband loves how flexible I am now! I'm going to continue to use it religiously.

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5 months and still using it

5 Sep 2007 - Anonymous of Georgia, USA writes:

UPDATE: I've been using Fludity faithfully for 5 months now, and I have mixed feelings about my results. I see longer, leaner muscles in my legs, but feel that my seat has actually increased in size. While I can tell it is more toned, there is so much emphasis on seat work that I've built up muscle in my glutes. I was hoping to do the opposite and trim it down some! Overall, I'm pleased with Fluidity and that it has given me more strength and flexibility, just wish I could offset some of the building up of the seat muscles. Also would like some different arm exercises--same ones on all levels.

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LOVE IT After only one week

5 Sep 2007 - Jasmine of Maryland, USA writes:

I've had my Fluidity bar for a week now and I love using it. I've done the beginner dvd for five workouts and plan to start the intermediate dvd tomorrow. I purchased the set to help lose my post baby weight. When doing my research, I noticed the before photos of the women in the success stories had the same body type I currently have. I just wish it included how long it took them to get to the after photo. I plan to continue using my bar 5 days a week and possibly including some cardio workouts. I will update in one month.

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still using the bar after 8 mos

26 Aug 2007 - Patricia of Virginia, USA writes:

I love the unique Fluidity work out and incorporate it into my fitness routine 2-3 times per week. Even though I personally found the beginner level very easy, by using the intermediate and advnaced routines I have noticed a difference in my muscle tone in all areas. I used to lift weights but now prefer the long and lean look achieved by using body weight as resistance. Okay, when the bar arrives the package is HUGE, so get a strong person to help you. The bar is large&heavy, but sturdily constructed with good quality materials,& secure interlocking hinges. Fluidity is easy to set up, fold down and adjust, but somewhat awkward to move on carpeting. Keep in mind when you set up your work out area Fluidity takes up alot of space when mat is opened. A DVD player is required for viewing instruction. No instructional manual is included, only a small owners manual and a suggested diet plan book

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WOW!! I Feel Great!!

23 Aug 2007 - Sara of Massachusetts, USA writes:

I purchased this product with so much excitement because I feel I can tell when a product is quality. As a massage therapist with background in physical therapy, I have education in anatomy and physiology as well as the physics of the human body. Michelle's knowledge gave me the confidence to invest in Fluidity. I'm so happy I did because I feel energized after the workouts and my muscles get to the point of fatigue which is key for strength. The stretching after the moves has resulted in less soreness and more efficient movement in my daily activities. The bar allows for proper alignment and stability, which I don't think you can get really with a chair. And I love to be able to do the pull-ups with the bar. I will update with results and I love this so much I almost wanted to do it twice yesterday!

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I like it!

23 Aug 2007 - Marie of New York, USA writes:

I have been using the fluidity bar for about 3 weeks at least 3 times a week and I really feel like I am gaining strenght and definition without getting bulky. I am a runner and I HATE lifting. I also have a natural proclivity to gain muscle really quickly so lifting makes me bulky and I just look bigger. I am hopeful that if I stick with this that I will be able to tone and slim down. Oh, and all of the stretching is really great for runners too. I have been battling a bad case of IT band syndrome and sacroiliac joint syndrome (aka low back discomfort and muscle cramps) and I have noticed a huge difference. I really like this! My only gripe, a free tutu should come with the purchase :) LOL!

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Slowly but Surely

15 Aug 2007 - Catherine of North Carolina, USA writes:

Fluidity really does work, or at least it does for me. I've used it for 6 weeks now, doing the routine 4-5 times a week. I haven't really lost weight, which is disappointing, but I have lost 10 inches overall! my body is toning up and my clothes are loser. I'm a lot stronger than I was 6 weeks ago. It really is a full body workout, and everything seems to be shaping up nicely. The workouts are also great because you might feel physically exhausted but not mentally exhausted like after some workouts.

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14 Aug 2007 - Dorothy of New York, USA writes:

This product is heavy and cumbersome to use. I suppose it would be fine if I had a room to devote to it's use, but alas, I do not. The exercises are nothing new and honestly, I've done very similar ones using the back of a chair and using stretches and exercises learned in dance classes years ago. After it arrived, I just kept wondering why I bought this. Maybe the commercials were just that good. But not good enough to actually keep it. I'm returning it today and discovered that I'll be paying the return shipment - $60. I rarely purchase from infomercials - think it will be a long time before I do again.

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Still to use this !

11 Aug 2007 - Pattie of Florida, USA writes:

UPDATE: Here I am....14 weeks and 43 Fluidity work outs later !! I've been doing the Fluidity work outs at least three times a week, and I try to incorporate doing Bikram Yoga every other day I am not doing Fluidity. I have found the workout really helps me stretch farther and get into Bikram poses much easier. I am still on the advanced DVD and have graduated this week to the light purple arm band, from the pink one.I still can't do "flat back" perfectly though, but "pretzel" is easy for some reason for me.I have the DVD memorized by now and am looking forward to the next informercial that is coming out soon that will hopefully have new DVD's available. For someone who is lazy with exercise Fluidity is so far the only exercise that I have gotten into a pattern of using. I love it !!

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Fluidity not so fluid for me

3 Aug 2007 - Theo of Colorado, USA writes:

I'm 5'2", 130 lbs, pear-shaped, 48. Love Pilates and Bar Method. Tried Fluidity as I like variety. The bar: Good, but the wheels only move in one direction. Needs ball castors. The exercise: been using it for two months, into advanced now. “Fluidity” is a misnomer. Movements are jerky, performed in awkward positions. They do firm and tone the body. But the heavy emphasis on butt and thigh work is making me thicker and chunkier down there. And there isn’t enough stretching, and no final stretch at the end. Makes my walk stiff, unless I do stretching on my own. What I do love: the upper body work, which has made a nice difference in my arms and shoulders. My final decision: I’ll go back to doing Pilates mat work, supplemented with Bar leg and seat work, as they are very slimming and limbering, with Fluidity upper body work. And I’ll keep using the bar, a good investment.

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Beginning to see results

1 Aug 2007 - Patricia of Texas, USA writes:

I've used the bar for about 3 months and feel stronger and more flexible all over, but especially in the legs. I'm almost 60 years old and did not want high-impact. This suits me perfectly -although it certainly is no piece of cake for me to get through the routines. I use the Intermediate to get the arm work and expect to continue to use 3-4 times per week.

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A solid workout!

31 Jul 2007 - Jamie of Florida, USA writes:

I am 5'4" and weigh 125lbs. For me, using fluidity I was not loosing weight, but I was getting stronger. Some of the floor routines I was not able to do but then was able to after a few weeks. But, be careful with your form. I believe I hurt my neck/shoulder area and it hurt for weeks so I stopped using fluidity for a while. I have an active job so I may need to do more to loose weight, cardio etc. Keep that in mind that you may need to have additional workouts depending on your body type and lifestyle. I was also only doing it every other day, because you are supposed to give your muscles time to "heal" after working them and I do view this more as a strengthening workout. And when it arrives make sure you have someone to help you move it, was very difficult carrying the box up the stairs myself.

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The best Ever

26 Jul 2007 - Jackie of Colorado, USA writes:

I ordered the Fluidity with reservations as to wether it would work or not. I have tried many different equiment only to be disappointed with them. I have many medical conditions which limit my ability to do things and the fluidity helps to ease my pain. I want to do it every day. I Love my fluidity.

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Almost a month and still loving it!

25 Jul 2007 - Paige of California, USA writes:

UPDATE: I've had my Fluidity Bar for almost a month, using it 2-3 times a week and I really do love it. I think the biggest change that I've noticed is in my flexibility. I've also noticed that my bottom is finally starting to raise up, I've always had a low hanging butt! People are now frequently commenting on how toned my arms and legs are becoming. I've already recommended the Fluidity to my group on [] and several other people. I'll try and check in again in another month.

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Love it!

18 Jul 2007 - Alice of Connecticut, USA writes:

Ok so I just got the fluidity bar today which I bought used. I absolutely love it! I did not get the intermediate or advanced dvd's with it so I may purchase them separately but I do have Callanetics and Both Bar Method workouts which I used to do with a chair but I think I will obtain far better benefits with the Bar. If done correctly those tiny little pulses are killer!!! nothing tightens everything up like these workouts. Also, as far as the bar goes my daughter who does gymnastics can use it for her workouts as well, and the bar folds up when we're done using it and gets neatly put away out of sight which daddy absolutely loves!

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