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Colon Flow

27 Apr 2007 - Cheryl of Texas, USA writes:

I feel much better having used Colon Flow. When I got it in the mail, I started right away. It took about 2 days before I noticed anything. I now go once, sometimes twice every day. I find that if I take it in the morning, I will have a bowel movement at night. The cramps have stopped and my stomach isn't as bloated and the pressure of not being able to go is gone. I don't have pain anymore with a bowel movement because everything about my digestive system appears to be normal and functioning properly. I have suffered for years with this issue and have finally found something easy to take and that doesn't make me paranoid that I'm gonna take it and then my system get attacked a couple hours later. I no longer have diarrhea or constipation and no more pain. The one drawback is the cost.

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