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24 Jan 2008 - wels of Oregon, USA writes:

I like this product but I had to take it apart a little bit and make it so it is not adjustable by tightening the nut so I can squeeze it with-out it falling out of place The nut is under the round yellow thing sticker on the outside of the hinge I use it for my arms,legs and back I have two of them so I have them set at two different settings I found them at goodwill and after reading all the bad reviews I see why they got there I love it but I only paid 10 dollars for two of them

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Rip off

2 May 2007 - Lane of Louisiana, USA writes:

Very disappointed. I'm not sure who this would tone, I haven't worked out in over 10 years and felt NOTHING when I did the work out. Awkward to use was well and couldn't even do the leg kick. This could be a good product if built right and not a cheap piece of plastic.

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waste of money

28 Mar 2007 - Grace of Cebu, Philippines writes:

it did made my bun tight and really nice as well as my thighs BUT everything they say here about the durability of the product and its danger of cutting ur leg when it snaps? VERY REAL! lucky for me i was only bruised! i call its durability highway robbery. product did what it claims to do to buns and thigh to my experience but wasnt able to use it after 3 months, and the pads came off too, and in my country? you cant even return it, we dont offer money back guarantee here.

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12 Sep 2005 - Carol of South Carolina, USA writes:

I purchased this equipment and it is a piece of junk.   After one use and trying to adjust it, the gears stripped out and I was not able to use it at all.

Review Quality: Helpful  (8 votes) | Unhelpful  (8 votes)

7 Aug 2005 - Tami of Washington, USA writes:

I do not recommend this product in the least!  The concept sounded great!  But, I returned it after "trying" it numerous times, thinking I wasn't following the video correctly (which I was).  The video makes adjusting this product, look easy, which it is not.  It hurts your hand from trying to turn it so hard.  I also had problems with it "slipping" out of position, which actually cut my ankle on one occasion, when it snapped out of position. When I returned the product, I was told these were common complaints.

Review Quality: Helpful  (15 votes) | Unhelpful  (5 votes)

10 Apr 2005 - Valerie of New Jersey, USA writes:

The only "burn" I felt was in losing the cost of shipping when I ordered it and then again when I returned it! I totally agree with the other reviews here - cheap "child's toy" plastic, impossible to adjust without hurting yourself, and so unstable that you can't do the exercises that require you to stand up. Made me very wary to ever order anything again made by this manufacturer.

Review Quality: Helpful  (9 votes) | Unhelpful  (3 votes)

27 May 2004 - Kimberly of Massachusetts, USA writes:

I agree with a lot of the other reviews that I've read so far. It's unfortunate that I didn't find this site before I ordered the Bun and Thigh Max. I got it off of [], brand new and everything was still in package. I put the tape in, used that thing once and never touched it again. It's still in my closet to this day and I bought this almost a year ago. It actually hurt my hand to try to twist the machine 90 degrees or whatever it was to switch to the next exercise. It was inconvenient and was very similar to Suzanne Somers's Toning System, except that the Suzanne Somer one was a little better and easier to handle.

Review Quality: Helpful  (3 votes) | Unhelpful  (10 votes)

17 Mar 2004 - Brenda of Nebraska, USA writes:

Big talk and BIG disappointment.  I rarely purchase anything without thorougly researching the reviews and there weren't very many when I purchased and decided to take a chance".  Nominal results with consistent effort. Your website provides a very useful consumer service.  Thanks for the reviews!  Just sign me....A Fool parted from her money!

Review Quality: Helpful  (4 votes) | Unhelpful  (7 votes)

3 Feb 2004 - Carol Ann of Idaho, USA writes:

I love what the Bun & Thigh Max did for me, when it worked. After only a couple of weeks the thing developed a loud squeak while using it. I called support and was told they would send me a replacement and that I could continue using it. That was in Nov. of 2003. Still no replacement and now the thing is completely broken. If I could change something I would ask them to use the same high quality materials that are seen on the Infomercial not the cheep plastic which breaks. I plan on using the machine when it arrives. I hope the replacement lasts longer.

Review Quality: Helpful  (8 votes) | Unhelpful  (3 votes)

2 Feb 2004 - Yuri of California, USA writes:

Piece of junk. Wobbly, unstable, with no fitness value. Infomercial clowns should be ashamed promoting this thing. It's a robbery.

Review Quality: Helpful  (7 votes) | Unhelpful  (4 votes)

- Lauren of New York, USA writes:

This equipment is awful.  It does not look like the piece used in the infomercial.  I will say that the exercise to work the inner thigh is good, but that is the only one.  The machine does not provide enough resistance and snaps out of place.  The support pads are not wide enough to stabilze the equipment and not wide enough to step on them to help stabilize the equipment.  It is not worth the money being charged, it is not even worth $5.  Awful, awful, awful!

Review Quality: Helpful  (5 votes) | Unhelpful  (8 votes)

- Sheila of New York, USA writes:

This product was a total disappointment, and a total waste of money. After watching the inforcommercial I was really excited about receiving my b&t max.  When I tried to do most of the exercises the machine would make this popping noise. The brochure and tape warn you about this (after each exercise demo on the tape I guess they already knew people would be alarmed) and tell you not to worry the equipment is not boke you are just doing it wrong. I tried again and again following their directions and it would pop again. You feel like you need to use pressure because their is no resistance. The inner thigh exercise was posssible and felt like there was some resistance but you can't keep the machine stable to do the bun kick exercise or the leg press exercise.  Except for the inner thigh exercise there is not enough resistance for the other four exercises. I have purchased different exercise equipment throughout the years and have always been happy until now. I am going to try and return my product for a refund.

Review Quality: Helpful  (4 votes) | Unhelpful  (7 votes)

- Sharon of Tennessee, USA writes:

I bought this item on 4/16 and after less than 3 weeks, it broke. It is very difficult to adjust, and rquires rotating one of the arms forward or backward after pulling apart a large and very resistant tension dial.  Mine is now stuck tight and I can do only two exercises instead of 5.  There is no way to fix it. Also, I never received any paperwork from the company, no shipping invoice-nothing. All I have as proof is my credit card statement. The video and pamphlet that accompanied it were of the lowest caliber I have ever seen issued by a company-very cheesy and homemade looking. Don't waste $90-buy the Firm's fanny firmer instead-that's what I should have done.

Review Quality: Helpful  (4 votes) | Unhelpful  (7 votes)

- Kathleen of Arizona, USA writes:

I was excited to receive the BUN & THIGH MAX but was greatly disappointed.  The first time I tried to use it, the arms would not stay in place when doing the calf exercises.  The device would not fit on my legs in order to do the thigh exercises properly.  I have sent the device back to get a refund.

Review Quality: Helpful  (5 votes) | Unhelpful  (8 votes)

- Sue of Massachusetts, USA writes:

I just received this product in the mail today and plan to send it back.  It is awkward to use and the instructional video that it comes with is not very helpful either.  It is definitely not worth the $60 plus shipping that they are charging for it.

Review Quality: Helpful  (9 votes) | Unhelpful  (2 votes)

- Amy of Florida, USA writes:

Be Warned! This product is not designed well and will not give anyone the results that are depicted in the informercial.  I sent my BATM back after 2 attempts at using it while watching the grainy, horrible-quality instructional video. The machine is simply not designed to provide the resistance in the right places...except for the inner thigh, perhaps.  Save Your Money!  Buy the Winsor Pilates Bun and Thigh Sculpting Video ( 20 minutes, will leave your buns begging for mercy!! No equipment necessary.) or ANYTHING by The Firm if you really want to tone your lower body!

Review Quality: Helpful  (2 votes) | Unhelpful  (9 votes)

- Jennifer of North Carolina, USA writes:

The Bun & Thigh Max is a piece of JUNK!!!  The quality & design are shoddy--It snaps out of place so often, you could run a mile in the time it takes to get through one workout with it. Even if you return it, as I did, you're still out the outrageous S&H charge of $20!!! Save your money, time, and hopes on "good-old" calisthenics!!!

Review Quality: Helpful  (5 votes) | Unhelpful  (7 votes)

- Sharon of Tennessee, USA writes:

I have bought many fitness products and this is the absolute worst I have ever used.  It is extremely awkward to adjust, requiring good upper body strength to pull apart a large spring-loaded dial, which snaps back together before it is set and pinches fingertips in the process.  It has 3 levels of resistance and I had to put it on the highest the first day I had it and I am out of shape.  Very unstable-rocks and falls over on the floor while trying to execute the fanny exercise-I had to actually change the position in which I do it so it is nothing like on the video.   The padding on the plastic paddles is very thin so they hurt and bruised the inside and outside of my knees while doing the inner and outer thigh exercises.  The accompanying videos were the worst production quality I've seen and I've bought over 50 exercise videos.  The shipping charge was ridiculously high. I do not recommend this product to anyone.

Review Quality: Helpful  (8 votes) | Unhelpful  (3 votes)

- Sara of New Jersey, USA writes:

I just took this machine out of the box and it is already a nightmare.  It is so difficult to move the arms, you can't even do the bun exercise because it is not stable, and it is already squeeking everytime i use it.  I was fooled by the informercial and thought that I just had to have this great piece of equipment, but I think that I am just going to end up sending it back.  It is a cheap, plastic piece of junk that looks nothing like the cushioned, sturdy machine they use in the commercial.

Review Quality: Helpful  (6 votes) | Unhelpful  (6 votes)

- Anna of West Virginia, USA writes:

I have been using my Bun and Thigh Max, mostly for physical therapy as I have a disability, for several months now, and it works very well for me. I didn't pay any huge S&H fee, and mine was somewhat cheaper than the infomercial price. After a few problems with adjusting the "dial" my only problem is the fact that when I do the exercises that require standing, my ankles, which are quite out of line, are against the arm and there is some discomfort involved. Otherwise, everything is fine.

Review Quality: Helpful  (5 votes) | Unhelpful  (6 votes)

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