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Nice For Quick Workout

8 Oct 2007 - Dale of Virginia, USA writes:

I have had my 48 inch Bodyblade for a month. The "Pro" is it's portability. Bodyblade is lightweight and takes up little space. It can be left anywhere and picked up ready to use, no adjustments, bands or weights. I use it while watching TV, on my deck or in my office. The workouts are smooth, safe and low impact. With a little effort I can feel the burn in different muscles using different positions. More effort and I work up a sweat. It's great for warm up before a weight workout, and/or cool down. Only "Con" is the price. But, I believe this is a piece of equipment I will use the most

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Works for Women too!!

20 Feb 2007 - June of Washington, USA writes:

I was introduced to the Body Blade at my chiropractor's office and decided I wanted one for home. I bought a Classic with the exercise DVD for arms, abs and legs. I am a 52 year old woman golfer who is in good shape and condition for my age but I'm always trying to improve. I go to [] and now have added the Body Blade routine. It's been a month and I can definately feel a difference in my strength and muscle tone. My whole body feels firmer and stronger. The buzz my muscles feel after the workout is still there the next day so I know I've really worked them. Never any pain, just noticeable gain. I'm don't want huge muscles but am very pleased so far with the toning and strengthening results. I highly recommend using the workout DVD you can order separately. They should include it though with every order.

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Satisfied with the product

18 Feb 2007 - Vesso of Pennsylvania, USA writes:

I' ve had Bodyblade for about 10 years and I beleive It's a really good tool to get an effective muscle sculpting workout within short time. Now, there was a slight problem I noticed when I gave it to two or three of my friends to use it for a first time. They had a hard time getting the right rhytm while wiggling it. For some reason, even after you show and explain to them how to use Bodyblade people still have hard time controlling it in the right manner. And that can create an impression that there is something wrong with the product. But it's not. Bodyblade is very effective muscle toning and sculpting workout for people who can use it properly and using it properly is easy. Don't expect to get big bulk from it though, It's not made on this principle. It will be there for you for the sculpting.

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Good for Arthritis

21 Jun 2006 - John of North Carolina, USA writes:

I have owned the bodyblade for about 1 month. I find the workout to be very different from what I am used to, as compared to free weights, I do work up a good sweat in the 15 mins I use it but I also find it is not hard on my shoulder which has a touch of arthrits. As far as toning and muscle building the jury is still out for me but I like how it feels and I do work up a good sweat in a small amount of time.

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23 Oct 2005 - Dennis of California, USA writes:

I have got the pro model for about 3 months and I can indeed confirm ALL reviews and hopefully add some info about my experience. Imagine you have something in your hand that has a weight of 12 pounds. If you imagine, you will not succeed that long in pushing and pulling this with your arm. The Bodyblade offers a max resistance of 34 pounds, but you can without doing anything with 1 pound, depending on how much power you put into your moves. The combination of lightweight, effectiveness (you could never push and pull something with 34 pounds of static weight 270xper min, with Bodyblade you can), you can take it with you ANYwhere, you can use it in chairs and you build and shape REALLY the body of your dreams. When you come home, you placed it on the door and use it for some minutes, you decide if more or less powerfull. One of the BEST products, and believe me, I did have many..!! "Get it grap it, shake it-and cut the muscles that burn fat!" (if you use it, it will be my copyright..:) ), that is the principle!! GOOD LUCK AND HEALTHYNESS AND PURE FUN! D.M. from Germany, nice greetings. The best things are just simple.

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23 Oct 2005 - Dennis of California, USA writes:

I am a physical therapist with 19 years of experience, have worked in many settings including some rather high-end outpatient private practice P.T. offices. I have seen the Bodyblade in more than 1 of them.  I have a pair of the 48" blades which, luckily, I found for just a few bucks at a thrift shop.  I use them in my work at a men's correctional facility.  Many inmates & staff laugh or look at me strangely until they try it a bit.  One of the inmates for whom I provide P.T. tried the Bodyblade a few times in conjunction with a balance ball for a chronically dislocating shoulder joint, helping it become more stable.  While this man has always been quite slim & fairly fit, he said he had never had a "six pack" until he started using the blade.It most certainly will not take the place of every other kind of physical fitness regimen or piece of equipment, the variety of individuals who can use it safely & effectively, the cost, the ease of storage & transport, its versatility in what types of injuries, conditions or fitness goals it can be used for, the fact that whenever you use it it is simultaneously developing core & extremity strength, cardiovascular & muscular endurance, balance, & coordination, its simplicity, & the fact that it is rather fun to use make it a piece of equipment that almost no one could go wrong having it & using it with appropriate safety guidelines.  If you used it regularly & did not do any other kind of exercise you could still be pretty darn fit.  Give it a try.

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- Glenn of California, USA writes:

I've had the Bodyblade Pro for about a year now and I think it is a great piece of exercise equipment. It is very safe, very strenuous on the entire body, and fun. It really works the arm muscles, shoulders, chest, back, and even legs because the muscles oscillate with the movement of the Bodyblade. Most people who evaluate the product look at it and come to the quick evaluation that it is not very effective. But actually it is quite effective. It's the kind of equipment that you can just pick up and use for about 10 minutes and feel energized in all your muscles, then put it down and try again whenever you have a few minutes of time. I love it! And for the price ($195), I think it's great. It doesn't break and will last forever with limitless use. One caveat. You need about 5 feet of space in all directions around you to use the product.

Review Quality: Helpful  (6 votes) | Unhelpful  (6 votes)

- Jim of California, USA writes:

I have used bodyblade for about 2 years on and off and I must say, it really works. It tones and tightens muscles, without the extreme fatigue felt by lifting weights. You can work all the muscles just like a dancer. They have perfect bodies. I highly recommend buying this product.

Review Quality: Helpful  (6 votes) | Unhelpful  (7 votes)

- Jim of California, USA writes:

I purchased the bodyblade from QVC and cardio blades. I love them. I use to lift weights and I find that the Bodyblade tones me up and strengthens my muscles as well if not better than free weights. If one uses it for about 30min per day, they will be very fit . . . and not burned out from over training.

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- Clive of the United Kingdom, England writes:

A good product! It's very strong and sturdy and isn't going to break. The handle in the middle is quite comfortable as well. Even if you don't do the super six exercise just moving the Bodyblade will burn excess calories because your using your muscles.

Review Quality: Helpful  (7 votes) | Unhelpful  (4 votes)

- Eric of Indiana, USA writes:

This product has been very effective for me. I like that I only have to use it for a few minutes here and there and achieve the same results that I would lifting weights for "x" number of minutes a session which is time that I don't have. When I'm finished using the Bodyblade, it's totally out of the way. I can't hang clothes on this piece of exercise equipment.

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- Darrell of California, USA writes:

I just bought the bodyblade recently and have only used it a couple times so far.  Although I don't think the bodyblade will give you a "real" workout in the 6 minute total body workout they advertise I do think the bodyblade is a beneficial addition to anybody's workout. For me, I think I will enjoy using the bodyblade for a quick workout in the morning just to get the blood flowing, for light workout days, and as an addition to my free weight workout. This is a good product and I think it will be very helpful for me.

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- Stephen of New York, USA writes:

I have been using this product for roughly 3 years.  If you don't have a lot of time and want the feeling of blood flowing through your muscles (that pumped feeling you get from lifting weights) then this product is for you.   People might laugh when they first see it, but tell them to give it a try and they all say the same thing.  Wow, this is for real.  My friends tried it and could barley do each exercise for the required one minute mark.  I on the other hand did it with ease.  I have a toned appearance and I don't spend hours at the gym.

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